Bed Bandits 4Oakland

January 20, 2016

Bed Bandits 4Oakland


Photo Credit: thephotoriot

Last week, the Bed Bandits Team attended the 4Oakland fundraiser event. It was a great night filled with friends, fun and generosity.

Photo Credit: thephotoriot

The event featured a set of Warriors tickets and a signed Steph Curry jersey that was raffled off, and 4Oakland was able to surpass their fundraiser goal. We are very excited about the work 4Oakland has been doing for the community.

The money that was raised is going to the Oakland High AVID program’s college tour. For most of these students, they will be the first ones in their families to go to college.

Photo Credit: thephotoriot

Here is a little more about the amazing teacher, Jennifer, who will be taking her AVID students on a Southern California college tour:

“In the past, Jenn and her students have had to fundraise all on their own -- on top of school, extra-curriculars, Jenn's coaching, and everything else that goes with being a high school student and teacher.  We don't want Jenn and her students to go this alone, anymore. So, we're stepping in to get the City behind them, and raise enough money to cover the trip's transportation costs.”-

Our team is so proud of the work 4Oakland has done to help our community. We would like to help especially since so many of our customers are college students.

Bed Bandits’ looks forward to giving Jennifer’s senior AVID Class some toppers for college next year. If you are also interested in supporting 4Oakland sign up to join the movement at or like the 4Oakland Facebook page. We encourage you to support this organization as they continue to help our community.

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