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Latex Mattress Topper Reviews


Good for your health 

“I purchased two Knockout toppers for my two nieces going off to college.  As a nurse, I am keenly aware of the importance of a good mattress as the basis for good sleep.  Given that the mattresses found in many college dorms are of poor quality, I was determined to give my nieces a headstart by getting them the best topper!  I am confident that this HIGH quality topper will do just that!  It will provide my nieces with a HIGH  quality sleep so that they perform physically and mentally well.  I had the opportunity to examine the topper before delivering it to my nieces and I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and I can personally report that it is the MOST comfortable topper that I have ever slept on!  Lastly, I made a mistake in one of my orders and had no problems contacting customer service and correcting my order without any hassles.
HIGH quality topper and good service. I highly recommend!”

-Julie Quinn

The Dream is a Dream

“I ordered the Dream for our Cal King Bed.  We have an older mattress and I always woke up with a lower back backache.  With the Dream, the backache is gone.  I have used a Tempur Pedic topper but I felt smothered and hot sleeping on it.  With the Dream I do not feel that at all.  It is so comfortable and cool to sleep on.  I would recommend the Dream to anyone that needs a good night sleep - that would be everyone!  Most Sincerely,  Kathleen ”

-Kathleen Clapp

Harbor Lite Lodge

 “The Harbor Lite Lodge uses Bed Bandit mattress toppers to replace all our zip off tops on our commercial mattresses.  The quality of the foam tops sent from the manufacturer is so inferior to that of the Bed Bandit product that we also offer our guests who desire a softer feel during their stay to have the toppers placed on the mattresses in addition to the factory provided topper. We also have used twin sized toppers to replace our roll away beds. Not only are the units easy to move and setup, they are significantly more comfortable than the traditional roll away bed.  

The toppers are easy to remove, replace and clean.  They provide a luxurious sleeping experience at an affordable price.”

- Jason Hurst

Best Mattress Topper Around

“I am going to be a Sophomore at LMU this upcoming year and I am happy to say that purchasing this mattress topper was the best decision I have made. It is comfortable as well as practical! I even use it on my own bed at home during the summer before I take it to school. I highly recommend this mattress topper to every college student out there.”

-Nicholas Barba

 Camping with the Knockout

“What a great product! Took the knockout camping this last weekend. Fantastic! It took up a little room in my small BMW , but was well worth it. Great for car camping. I got a twin size, it fit perfectly in my new North Face two man tent. It was nice it kept me and my four year old daughter off the cold hard ground, this topper is very durable, easy to wipe clean. very happy with my new topper. I will be using this time and time again. Thanks Bed Bandits for a comfortable camping trip. Awesome!!!!”

- Garrett Barker


“We were so happy with our first Knockout that we just bought two more.  We no longer sleep well on the very firm queen-sized beds that tend to be featured at our favorite travel destinations, but standard mattress toppers aren’t designed for travel.  Enter the soft but robust Knockout!  It makes a huge difference after a day of hiking.  After talking through how we’d be using the topper, Bed Bandits added a seam down the middle of our queen-sized Knockout and provided a carry-strap so we could fold and carry it more easily.  When we decided to order two XL twin toppers for home use, I asked whether there was some way they could make it possible to attach the two in case we ever wanted a king-sized topper for travel (2 XL twins = 1 standard king).  Bed Bandits cheerfully came up with a clever solution using button holes and ties.   Now we have two XL twins that can be converted to a king-sized topper whenever we need it.  If you have some special size or need, just ask, they seem to enjoy a challenge!”

- ML

A MUST For Professional Nappers

“As if getting out of bed in the morning was not hard enough already, the Coma is SO comfy I have to set a third alarm. It feels like I am sleeping on a supportive yet absurdly cozy cloud, ensconcing my body in a cloak of restfulness. The Coma has made my bed so comfortable that I am honestly not sure if my friends like me for me or for my mattress topper (my dorm is now the official napping hub for the girls on my floor). Seriously though, I am SO happy with the Coma, especially after testing out some of my friend's toppers, I couldn't recommend it highly enough!!!”

-Laura Jacobs

My dorm room bed needed a Knockout!

“I am a freshman at Cal Poly in Trinity Dorm.  The beds look and feel like a medical examination table. I received a Knockout from my parents for Christmas.  When I put the Knockout on my stiff bed it turned the stiff bed into a comfortable, cozy place where I can sleep, study, have friends over and relax.  I can also use it when a friend stays overnight.  I usually sleep on the Knockout on the floor and let my friend have the "bed".  I can also use the Knockout when I stay overnight somewhere else.  I love the Knockout.”

-Sheila Clapp

Great "fit"

“Finally a pillow that "fits" each person in our family. We recently received our order of two natural Talalay Adjust-A-Pillow and tried them with every family member. The children through senior citizens of our family all give this pillow 5 stars.

We will need to order more pillows as everyone loves it. No more overstuffed or flat by morning pillows for us.”

- Vicki

The epitome of comfort!!

“I purchased the Coma my first year of college in lieu of a plain foam pad because I was looking for something that would provide good back support. WOW was I not disappointed! This mattress topper has just enough cushioning to be comfortable while not letting you sink into it. A grouch in the morning, this topper ensured the sleep I did get in college was restful and my friends, envious of the comfort, ended up purchasing ones for themselves as well. The bands are really helpful for keeping the topper from sliding around the bed as you sleep (the way that foam does) and also makes it really easy to roll up the topper for storage at the end of the year. An all around great investment!“

- Alexandra Davis

Best pillow that I ever had

“All my life I've had uncomfortable pillows or not enough pillows for the right height. And we spend most of our lives sleeping so might as well make it an investment for yourself. So I checked this pillow out during welcome week and fell in love instantly! My first night with it I slept better than ever with no neck fatigue. I'm planning on buying another for my girlfriend if she'll ever give mine back.”

-Andrew Hernandez

The best of the best

“I moved from California to a small town in Ohio and had my hibernation (dorm kit) shipped out here which was so easy and took away all the stress I had about getting it to school. Now every time I lay down in my bed I always want to go to sleep! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this mattress topper! My sheets are so soft and super cozy the color I got was the dark cocoa and I couldn't be happier. All my friends come into my room and just go immediately to my bed because they agree, its the comfiest bed in my dorm. Sometimes I will even walk in on them taking a mid afternoon nap there! This is definitely a college dorm room must have!”

- Monica Woolcott

Perfect In Every Way

“I am a freshman in college and just moved into my dorm! I have the knockout and absolutely love it! I have slept so well every night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the big city. The knockout is also perfect for when I have friends come visit because I can put it on the ground and sleep on that, while my friends stay in my bed. Bed Bandits is so great and easy to work with and truly make amazing products. I am so thankful for my knockout mattress pad and couldn't be more excited for all the amazing sleep I'll be getting this year!”

-Tatum Harrison

The Dreamer

“As a student living in a university dorm, sleeping is an essential part of student life. I wouldn't be able to get the restful nights I need with out The Dream. This topper adds extreme comfort and cushion on top of any old or uncomfortable mattress. I would highly recommend this topper for every college student.”

- Andrei Rusa

Sleeping is actually a dream.

“Last year during my sophomore year at college, I had a terrible mattress. I would wake up with shoulder pain and it was not too fun. But this year with my new Knockout mattress topper, sleeping has actually been a dream. I am so comfortable every night and every morning I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I wish I could stay in my bed all day!”

- Krystian Schwarz

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