Referral Rewards Program

Referral Latex Mattress Topper

Recommending Bed Bandits to your friends and family is the highest form of compliment you can give us. We would like to make sure you get rewarded for recommending our products, so after you purchase- refer 3 friends and if they each purchase a mattress topper then you will get a free pillow! Just make sure to instruct your friends and family to write your name in the comments section during the checkout process.


Now lets review this-

1. You purchase a Bed Bandits topper

2. You refer 3 friends who each buy a mattress toppers

3. For every 3 sold we donate a mattress topper to a homeless shelter- so thanks to you we will be able to donate one more!

4. For helping us help others sleep better at night we send you a free pillow
Look at all the good you can do. Join our Referral Reward Program by helping us spread the word today! 


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Packie and Bianca are working on their new/old venture .  FloBeds is handling Bed Bandit fulfillment.  Just follow this link to order toppers:  

This link will be at the bottom of each page.