Festus Ezeli Gives Bed Bandits 2 Thumbs Up

June 07, 2016

Festus Ezeli Gives Bed Bandits 2 Thumbs Up

You may not have heard, but the Golden State Warriors are having a pretty good year. As of now, they stand two wins away from their second consecutive NBA championship, thereby capping off a historic year in which they set the league record for regular season wins (73).

Festus Ezili Dunk

Photo Credit: CBSSports.com

What’s been the secret to the Warriors’ success? Certainly having the reigning 2-time league MVP doesn’t hurt, much less the fact that he is actively making the case for greatest 3-point shooter of all time. But as fans have seen throughout the regular season and postseason, it’s been a complete team effort through-and-through. Their mantra has been “Strength in Numbers”, meaning that their on-court success is the result of complete cohesion from each player.

Even with said MVP Steph Curry missing six games this postseason due to injury, critical role players for the Warriors have stepped up to piece together a playoff run not soon to be forgotten by NBA fans.

One key component all year has been backup center Festus Ezeli. The 26-year-old Nigerian native has had a solid year despite injury and has generated a lot of interest from the rest of the league concerning his impending restricted free agency.

But what’s been the secret to his success? Well, color us biased, but we think it’s got something to do with the quality of sleep he’s been getting throughout the season. That’s right, he’s a proud Bed Bandits customer!

Festus Ezili

“The Bed Bandits team worked with me to find the right fit for me and ensure I get a good night’s rest,” Ezeli said.

As you would imagine, finding a comfortable sleeping solution for his hearty 6’11” frame has been a challenge for him. But by personally identifying his needs, we were able to find the right topper for him: a California king-sized Hibernation topper made by FloBeds, The Original Personalized Natural Latex Mattress.

The Hibernation topper is ideal for anyone looking for a premium quality product to provide an optimal sleeping experience. Its two inches of convoluted, natural Talalay latex and natural wool cover provide a breathable surface that’s sure to keep you cool after a long day of dunking on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And a good night’s rest is something the Warriors big man takes very seriously, as he understands its essential role in achieving optimal athletic performance.

“Sleep is vital to my performance. Getting a good night’s rest can help my body and mind, which translates to success. I wish I had one of these in college!”

We’re proud to have the opportunity to provide a member of our beloved Warriors with a quality product that’s sure to last throughout his bright NBA future.

Go Warriors!

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