At Bed Bandits, We Stand for Quality

June 29, 2016

At Bed Bandits, We Stand for Quality

 Back in 2014, when we had the crazy idea to take this idea Patrick originally conceived for a marketing class and turn it into a company, there was a lot to think about. Maybe we never really considered just how much it takes to create something out of nothing; maybe there's no way anyone could know until you actually do it. Nevertheless, we had to make a lot of decisions regarding what we would stand for: 

What is our mission? 

How will what this company does make this world a better place? 

What's the policy on dogs in the office? 

Now, fortunately, some decisions were easier to make than others (and we just deal with the constant barking during meetings as a result). One decision that we didn't think would give us pause was in regards to the quality of our brand. Of course, we wanted to create products that would give people the best sleep possible. 

But, as we quickly discovered, not everyone thought that was a great idea. Many advisers and mentors warned us against making a premium product, due to the inherent higher price that would go along with it. "You have to be flexible about the material you're going to use, and you can't make them in America," one person told us. 

The problem with that, though, was that we'd already made decisions about those questions we asked earlier that helped establish our core values:

What is our mission? To help everyone, regardless of circumstances, get a better night's sleep. 


How will what this company does make this world a better place? Because we believe in the importance of sleep. And when people get a good night's sleep, they wake up ready to make their own dreams come true. This is true for students using our toppers in their dorms, those in need that receive our toppers through our donations, and everybody else.

And to us, anything less than the best possible sleeping products we can make would be contradictory to those two values. That's why our toppers are made of high-quality latex that far surpasses the material you'll find in other toppers. It's naturally buoyant, yet supportive, so it'll never take your shape like lesser materials like polyurethane or memory foam. All of our products are made by the FloBeds, The Original Personalized Natural Latex Mattress.

Now, with that difference in quality, there will naturally be a difference in price. But let's remember, "cheapest" does not always mean "cheapest." What that basically means is when you opt for the least expensive option -- of any product -- you're likely going to end up paying more in the long run. In the case of mattress toppers, you can find a cheap model at a big box store at a much lower price than we offer -- we aren't shy about this fact. But the thing to remember is that you're going to be replacing that lower quality topper at least once a year (and probably more often). 

With a Bed Bandits topper, that will not be the case. They're going to last you a minimum ten years, and then probably more, as long as you don't sleep in an active cement mixer. 

All joking aside, we mean it when we say we're won't flex on quality. We're going to continue building this crazy idea we call Bed Bandits, and we're going to do it by making the best products we know how. That's how we've done it since day 1, and that's how we do it for as long as our core values remain intact. And we like our dogs in the office too much to change those. 

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