Proyecto CocoMango

March 18, 2015

Bed Bandits recently donated a Knockout Mattress Topper to a fundraiser called MOVE: Take Action for the Community CocoMango. Proyecto CocoMango is a community organization in Laguna de Apoyo (Nicaragua) that works in the areas of education, environment, community development, and art. 

Photo Credit: Proyecto CocoMango Facebook


Photo Credit Proyecto CocoMango Facebook

A friend of mine, Alexis Ramirez, has put together this event which will be taking place in Seattle on March 21st. Her dance crew, Drop Squad Dance Crew, has put together a variety showcase that will help achieve that common goal of raising funds for Proyecto CocoMango. The Drop Squad Dance Crew has decided to MOVE to help others gain the same opportunities we take for granted.
Good luck with the fundraiser! I hope our Bed Bandit can help raise money for the people of Nicaragua. And thank you to those who strive to make this world a better place.

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