The New Year's Resolution that Actually Stuck

December 30, 2014

I have tried to make New Year's resolutions before- workout more, eat better, stress less, etc... Unfortunately by February the excitement wears off and I go back to my old habits. Last New Year's Day, as we were standing on the bluffs of the Fort Bragg coast, Patrick and I made a commitment to each other to chase our dreams.
That is probably the most challenging New Year's resolution I have made so far but it is the only one I have accomplished. Maybe New Year's resolutions should not be about changing bad habits, but about making a conscious effort to pursue what makes you happy. After all, New Years resolutions are about self-improvement, and nothing is better than a happier you.
So, when you think about your New Year's resolution this year, write down things that make you happy. For example: this year I will go kayaking, go sailing, travel to see family, change lives, and grow my business. Now it's your turn. Good luck this year everyone. As hard as it is to top last year, lets make 2015 an even better year!

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