DreamCatcher Youth Services

December 23, 2015

DreamCatcher Youth Services

Today the team had the opportunity to donate to the DreamCatcher Youth Services in Oakland CA. We have been blessed to work with some amazing organizations here in Oakland.

We were very excited after speaking with Amba, the Director of the DreamCatcher Youth Services. She told our team that people are willing to give pillows and blankets, but it is harder to get ahold of sanitary mattress toppers that will improve the kids' quality of sleep. Our toppers will also be useful during times of overcrowding.


Thank you to all of our customers and supporters for making these donations possible. Please watch the video below to learn more about this amazing program. Merry Christmas Bandits!



"Since 2000, DreamCatcher Youth Services has been the only safe landing for homeless and disconnected at risk youth in Alameda County who are between the ages of 13-18. Over 90% who have been through DreamCatcher have moved directly into stable housing, further education or employment.

Our youth exit to greater safety and go on to futures they didn’t have the energy to imagine when they first came to us. Over a third of our staff are graduates of our program who returned as adults wanting to give back for all they received, for the ways their lives changed."

 We are very grateful we were able to partner with a program that is changing so many lives. Happy Holidays everyone.

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