Sleep Better, Save Big!

November 24, 2015

Sleep Better, Save Big!

Starting Friday, Nov. 27th- Nov. 30th we will be offering huge discounts on the inventory we have in stock. For the first time, we are offering more than 20% off, and you can save up to 40% on select items.Best Sale of the Year
By making a purchase with us, you are not only helping a small business in the Bay Area community. You are helping those who have fallen on hard times get a good night's sleep. For every three toppers sold, one is donated to someone in need.

Increase your comfort this holiday season and give much more than just a better sleeping surface to yourself or loved ones, give hope, extend a helping hand and get started! You'll sleep better with our topper and knowing you are supporting our mission of impacting our community in a positive manner is a bonus.

Share this blog on your facebook and like our page and you will be entered to win a free pillow! The drawing will take place next Wednesday Dec. 2nd. Happy Holidays!

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Packie and Bianca are working on their new/old venture .  FloBeds is handling Bed Bandit fulfillment.  Just follow this link to order toppers:  

This link will be at the bottom of each page.