September 30, 2015

We love getting reviews from our customers! Reviews aren't just flattering, they also help us grow as a company. We recently received this review from Krystian Schwarz who went through his sophomore year without a mattress topper. When he walked into our shop and told us how hard it was to sleep on the dorm mattress without a topper we knew we could help him. We do most of our business online, through or FloBeds, The Original Personally Crafted Natural Latex Mattress,  but when we have a chance to interact with our customers we really enjoy it. Here is what Krystian had to say after sleeping on his new topper:

"Last year during my sophomore year at college, I had a terrible mattress. I would wake up with shoulder pain and it was not too fun. But this year with my new Knockout mattress topper, sleeping has actually been a dream. I am so comfortable every night and every morning I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I wish I could stay in my bed all day!"

Thanks for your review Krystian! The team wishes you good luck at Saint Mary's this year.

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