Staff Picks for Dorm Kids

August 12, 2015

It’s back to school time! We asked our team what their favorite toppers were and here is what they had to say:

Paul Conyers

“I think for me it would have to be The Knockout. I like it because it's completely different from what I had to use in college, which was just a urethane pad that did almost nothing. The Knockout has premium latex that's never going to take your shape. I also love it because the cover makes it easy to clean up. So I feel it's a great value and anyone staying in a dorm is going to love it.” 

Bianca Frediani

“I am torn. My two favorites are the Dream and the Hibernation. As a student in college I had to pay for my own dorm bedding and I did not have a ton of money to spend. The Dream would have been closer to my budget and it is amazing quality. The convoluted latex is very comfortable, breathable and provides pressure point relief! The Hibernation is also made with the same great convoluted latex. I love this one because the cover is organic stretch knit cotton quilted to wool, and the wool provides another inch of cushion. The Hibernation is super plush!”

Patrick Turner

“I prefer the Knockout topper because of its versatility and vinyl cover. The shredded latex inside makes it so that it will never conform to your shape and you can shake it out to re-fluff, if needed. Also, because of it not being one solid piece of latex it is more durable than other toppers as it can withstand more, if you pack it with you to put in your tent you can pack it into your car and not have to worry about it damaging the latex inside.

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