KO Camping

July 08, 2015

We get many customers who come into our shop looking for something they can use camping. It is easy for us to say our Knockout Topper is great for camping, but it is better to hear how great it is from a camping aficionado. Garrett Barker took his Knockout camping and here is what he had to say:
"What a great product! Took the knockout camping this last weekend. Fantastic! It took up a little room in my small BMW, but was worth it. Great for car camping. I got a twin size and it fit perfectly in my new North Face two man tent. It was nice it kept me and my four-year-old daughter off the cold hard ground, this topper is very durable, easy to wipe clean. I am very happy with my new topper. I will be using this time and time again. Thanks Bed Bandits for a comfortable camping trip. Awesome!!!!" - Garett Barker



Photo Cred: Garrett Barker

So next time you are out camping, do not compromise your sleep! Knockout.

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