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At Bed Bandits we are all about Quality: Improving people’s quality of life through quality products. Every time we sell three mattress toppers, we will donate one to someone in need. One day at a time, through one mattress at a time, improving each night.

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Insomnia Buster

$ 169.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Knockout

$ 198.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Coma

$ 338.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Band(it) Wagon

Guess Who

Guess who just made it onto the Made in USA Challenge... Bed Bandits did! We are now included on the Made in America Master List, and we could not be more thrilled! We have accepted the challenge, you should too. The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means people are starting the daunting task of Christmas shopping. Remember, there are many gifts you can give that have been made in America. Make sure to stop by the Bed Bandits site Black Friday weekend for our biggest sale of the year. Happy shopping!

Also don't forget to enter to win the Half United necklace contest. This necklace provided 5 meals to children in need. Enter to win by signing up for our mailing list at the bottom of the Bed Bandits homepage and tag 2 friends in the comments section of the Facebook post featuring today's blog entry.

Happy Wednesday... only two more days until the weekend!

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We are excited about our November contest how about you?

To win this necklace just follow two very simple steps:
1. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of our homepage www.bedbandits.com or on the pop up window that comes up on our site.
2. Tag 2 friends in the comments section for this Facebook post or on our Instagram post about the contest.
As Thanksgiving approaches many people are getting ready for one of the best meals of the year (I am excited for the cranberry sauce). That is why we feel it is appropriate to raffle off a necklace that has provided 5 meals to children. Half United is a company that donates half of it's profits to feed children, a very noble cause. This necklace helped a great cause and now it can be yours (this necklace is suitable for either gender). Hurry and enter the winner will be named on Thanksgiving day.
You can be a winner just like our last contest winner Sam who got a free pillow! 
Photo left to right Sam (our contest winner) and Patrick (Co-Founder of Bed Bandits)

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Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek of what we will be speaking about tomorrow-
"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." -Paulo Coelho the Alchemist
Interested in hearing more? Stop by the James Durbin Social Entrepreneurship Speaker Series at Holy Names University at 4:30 pm tomorrow.
Here is a link to the event: http://www.hnu.edu/about/public-events/james-durbin-entrepreneurship-speaker-series

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