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At Bed Bandits: we are all about Quality: IMade in USA Challengemproving people’s quality of life through quality products. Every time we sell three mattress toppers, we will donate one to someone in need. One day at a time, through one mattress at a time, improving each night. Have a Question? Give us a call at 1(707) 367-4020 or email us at patrick@bedbandits.com or bianca@bedbandits.com 

Mattress Toppers

Choose between our uniquely different toppers to find the one that is right for you! All of our mattress toppers are hand-crafted in Fort Bragg, CA. All toppers have a fire resistant cover and we have all natural options available!

As college students ourselves, we realized the beds were built to last and weren't the most comfortable things. The majority of students will put something on their bed to compensate for this, but what really is it you are putting on your bed and how long should it last? Over our college years and as a marketing project we looked at this and found the majority of students will go through 3-4 chemical filled toppers and they tend to break down rather easily as they are not protected in any way.

We use Latex that comes from the rubber tree in all of our toppers. Latex is more durable and buoyant, so it doesn't hold your shape once you leave it. Our fire-resistant covers are an extra layer of protection for yourself and your topper, allowing our toppers to outperform others on the market. Leaving you well rested, safe and not replacing and repurchasing a topper every year.

The Band(it) Wagon

It's Good for Your Health

July 29, 2015

You should not settle when it comes to purchasing a topper. You will spend 1/3 of your life asleep, so make sure you are sleeping comfortably. We produce high-quality products because you deserve the best. You don't have to take our word for it! Below is what one customer had to say about her two Bed Bandit toppers: "I purchased two Knockout toppers for my two nieces going off to college. As a nurse, I am keenly aware of the importance of a good mattress as the basis for good sleep. Given that the mattresses found in many college dorms are of poor quality, I was determined to give my nieces a head start by getting them the best topper!...

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Like Father Like Son

July 22, 2015

If you have read our story you know that the Co-Founder of Bed Bandits, Patrick Turner, grew up in the mattress industry. His father Dave is the owner of the mattress company FloBeds. Dave recently featured Bed Bandits in his FloBeds newsletter. This is what he had to say: FLOBEDS NEWSLETTER By Dave Turner As you know, here at FloBeds we are a family run business. I had the pleasure of telling my customers last year, that my son Packie and his fiancé Bianca started a mattress topper company called Bed Bandits. After one year of business, they are now the preferred bedding and linen provider for nine universities. Their toppers are perfect for those uncomfortable dorm beds or for...

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