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At Bed Bandits we are all about Quality: Improving people’s quality of life through quality products. Every time we sell three mattress toppers, we will donate one to someone in need. One day at a time, through one mattress at a time, improving each night.

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Insomnia Buster

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The Knockout

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The Coma

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The Band(it) Wagon

Wagon Writer Wednesday- Study While You Sleep

The valedictorian of my high school claimed that she learned through a process of osmosis. Each night before a test, she put her textbook under her pillow, believing that the information was seeping into her brain while she slept. It turns out, she wasn’t entirely wrong.
While you sleep, you’re not only restoring yourself for the next day, your brain is actually replaying what you’ve learned over the day, and creating more connections between neurons. You’re not only learning while you sleep, but you’re moving what you’ve learned into your long-term memory, meaning you will be more equipped to recall what you’ve studied when you sit down for that Midterm.
So the next time you’re tempted to pull an all-nighter, put down the Adderall and turn off the lights. You’ve got this in your sleep—literally.
Guest Author- Bryna Turner

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The Boys are Back in Town

Happy Wagon Writer Wednesday!
A few weeks ago two of our Bed Bandits team members headed back to their old stomping grounds. Patrick (Co-Founder of Bed Bandits) and Paul are Holy Names University Alumni and they were teammates and roommates during their time there.
The boys received a warm welcome when they returned to their University bringing a product that was first invented on that campus. If you recall on our about us page we mentioned that Patrick came up with the original Bed Bandit design for a HNU Marketing class. This year he took what was once an idea and brought it to life. Things have come full circle.
Thank you to Holy Names University for all of the support you have shown our team. We are excited that we were able to help your students sleep better at night. Thanks for helping us help others. We cannot wait to head back to Holy Names University on November 1th to speak as part of the James Durbin Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. Thank you President Hynes for the invitation!

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Back in Bronco Territory

This past weekend Patrick and I had a great time being back on the Santa Clara University campus.


We sold mattress toppers, gave out delicious macaroons from one of our favorite local Fort Bragg bakeries A Sweet Affair, and met some amazing students.

I was able to relive some of my favorite moments- like laying out on the grass to enjoy the hot Santa Clara sun with my roommates… and some of the not so great- like staying out extra late at the library after finding out it had longer hours during finals week. We are so happy with the feedback we got from parents and students. Thank you Santa Clara for letting us come on campus and for helping us make a difference in the community. This past weekend was a great way to finish our summer college tour. Go Broncos!

Also, many people are asking about the Bed Bandits contest, so here is a reminder: winner of the $50 gift card will be announced October 1st. To enter all you have to do is like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

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