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At Bed Bandits we are all about Quality: Improving people’s quality of life through quality products. Every time we sell three mattress toppers, we will donate one to someone in need. One day at a time, through one mattress at a time, improving each night.

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Our Mission Statement


Insomnia Buster

$ 168.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Dream

$ 188.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Knockout

$ 198.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Coma

$ 338.00

Brand Bed Bandits

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The Band(it) Wagon

Escape to the Coast & Enjoy a Bandit

Hot off the press: we are excited to announce that you can now find our toppers at the Harbor Lite Lodge!
If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing escape from the exhausting hustle and bustle of everyday life, come visit the beautiful coastal town of Fort Bragg. 
While you are in Fort Bragg, complete your relaxing experience by getting a better night's rest at the Harbor Lite Lodge and request our Bed Bandits Toppers.
A special thank you to Jason Hurst and the Harbor Lite Lodge for helping us help others sleep better at night. We look forward to donating toppers in your honor.

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In our very first blog post ever I said,  "At Bed Bandits we believe in straying from the path and taking the road less traveled. We are entrepreneurs in the business of making a difference."

It is exciting to look back at where we started and see that the mission we set out on is in full effect. I will admit that there have been some interesting forks in the road. One of my favorite yet unexpected aspects of this job has been the guest speaking gigs. We have not only been able to impact lives by donating toppers, but we have been able to inspire others to chase their dreams and change the world.

When we spoke at the James Durban Speaker Series at Holy Names University, Patrick and I covered how we got started and some important rules we have learned. Our favorite rule- if you are going to fail, fail hard.  You can check out what I am talking about by watching our presentation. The video and some pictures are below- watch some, fast forward some, etc. 



Here are some photos from the event

Patrick and me before the event

President Hynes of Holy Names University, Patrick, and me

Me talking about our crazy decision to leave a life of stability and certainty to chase our dreams

Patrick explaining how a simple marketing project turned into a business


Life is short, so chase your dreams while you can.

Thanks for reading!


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Meet Our New Friend

We would like to officially announce the arrival of our new mattress topper The Dream.

Here is how we describe The Dream: We all have dreams and many of us are chasing them everyday. Reward yourself for all that work you are putting in. Capture a piece of your dreams every night on our luxuriously plush 2" convoluted mattress topper. Covered with a super stretchy and babies bottom smooth fire resistant cover that will hug your mattress so perfectly that you'll wake up each morning refreshed and one step closer to your dreams.

So go for it- buy your dream so you can chase your dream whatever it may be.

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